Have you ever had a great idea but didn't know where it was going, or how to turn it into something tangible and successful? Are you ready to write that novel? Do you just need a push in the right direction, or someone to keep you on track?

For years, we can sit with our great idea, planning its execution and telling our friends about it. Fear of failure, self-doubt and not knowing how to execute your idea can keep you from going forward. A great idea is within you — let me help you make it successful. I can help you hone and develop your idea or project, find the perfect medium for it, keep you on track towards your goal and offer you industry tips and resources. I also offer coaching on projects you've already started (whether it's a book, article, podcast, proposal or website), and I can help you break into the journalism industry and get regular gigs as a freelancer.
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Turn your idea into a profitable, successful project

Have an idea but don’t know what to do with it? During our consult, I’ll sit down and you ask some introductory and exploratory questions about your idea. From there, we’ll discuss the form — whether it’s a book proposal, website, blog, book, podcast or video — and the first steps towards executing your idea successfully. With my experience in turning small ideas into award-winning articles and informative podcasts, I can guide you towards your next goal and recommend outside resources to get you on your way.


Book and story coaching

Hire me to get you writing like a motherf*cker

Decided to write a book but not getting very far? Have an undeveloped story idea but don’t know where to start? Don’t know what genre? I offer consulting sessions — from one hour to a series of sessions — depending on your needs. My services include setting daily, weekly and monthly goals, working together on developing your book or story along the way, provide encouragement and feedback, offering tools and resources to further enhance your writing and keep you on the path towards writing — as Cheryl Strayed famously said — like a motherf*cker.


Pitch consulting

Learn how to slay the dreaded query letter

Pitch without fear! I can help you craft and edit your query letter, teach you how to bypass standard submission forms and develop a wicked pitch that will wow editors. I’ll also teach you what the appropriate follow-up time is, how to be persistent without being annoying and what the next steps are once your pitch is accepted.


Freelance coaching

Make a profit freelancing and writing stories that you love

I've freelanced for four years and know that it's nothing like Carrie Bradshaw's life. Hire me and I'll show you inside tricks from the industry and tried-and-tested tips on freelancing successfully, from grabbing an editor's attention, writing a viral story and maintaining a steady flow of work. I'll also provide you with exclusive resources to maximize getting your work seen. In our sessions, I'll check in with you in person or by phone, email or video chat to guide and coach you towards a sustainable career in freelancing. Already have a job? I can teach you how to make the time (and get the money!) while freelancing and working without burning out.


Advocacy Journalism coaching

Learn how to write about social justice and trauma in the trump era

At the same time that minority groups are under attack, there's never been a better time to share our stories and bring buried ones to the surface. I'll teach you how to write stories about race and racism, violence and trauma, reproductive rights, poverty — and other injustices — that sear with truth. I'll act as a mentor and coach (in person, by phone or video chat), helping you navigate how to combine the elements and ethics of journalism, advocacy and resistance, the appropriate language to use when reporting on social justice issues, how to prepare and interview people involved with sensitive subjects and the dos and don'ts of being an advocacy journalist. We'll work together to create moving, well-reported stories that have the potential to stir social, political and legal change.