12 Things That Happen When You Write About Being Black, in GIFs



People are skeptical about your ability to write anything else

Yes, because I’m going to brainwash all the people with my evil prose about the black liberation.

People think you’re associated with Black Lives Matter

Every black person ≠ Black Lives Matter. 


You may get pigeonholed

Editors may (with no malicious intent) only assign you stories about race, making it hard to diversify your work.

You involuntarily become the voice of all black people

Your experience becomes the one-size-fits-all “black experience.” Oh, and you also become the expert. 


You spend a lot of time explaining to white people

You will repeat yourself several times. It is exhausting. It is a thankless job, usually with little reward. 


You may be one of two black writers (if you're lucky)

The Canadian journalism industry only has a select few black journalists at one time.


You get hate

Hate mail. White supremacists. Hate speech. Harassment. Trolls. No good deed goes unpunished, my friend.

You get to see who your friends are

The more you write, the more you'll find people you thought you were cool with aren't down for the cause. You may be doing a lot of Facebook unfriending.


You need self-care

Writing about race can be exhausting. Take time to do you and surround yourself with good, supportive friends.


You incite change

Your words can get people talking, change policies and challenge the status quo. Be proud!


You inspire other black folks to write

You're contributing to the growing number of employed black writers and journalists in Canada. Go on with your bad self!


You’re magic.

The baddest.